Khaki Green Mclaren 570s

Khaki Green Mclaren 570s
The Mclaren 570s is a two seater, Twin Turbo V8 beast, that will break necks anywhere you go. The 562 horsepower V8 produces a completely savage exhaust note as it launches itself from 0-60 in a swift 3.1 seconds. Match that with precision handling plus attractive looks and you've got the recipe for a great supercar. The 570s puts performance over everything else, its chassis is crafted from carbon fiber and aluminum keeping it extremely light weight. Made for taking on back-roads and tracks the 570s might not be what you're looking for if you're looking for a Hollywood cruiser, but if you're looking for a car to leave you in awe when driving hard, this might be exactly what you're looking for. 
The 570s is already an attractive looking car but it's easy to make even better. With copious amounts of after market support for performance such as exhaust, flex fuel, and tuning or Cosmetic parts among the lines of carbon lip kits, additional aero and most importantly wheels. This 570s is currently sitting on our MR-101 Aero Series which is a straight forward and exemplary design. Featuring a split five spoke design which blends performance and styling together phenomenally. Finished in Satin Brush Liquid Bronze and High Luster Liquid Bronze lips these wheels pair up tastefully with the Inozetek Khaki Green Wrap. The MR-101's look great on the 570s especially with this color combo. 


Wheel Style: MV Forged MR-101

Face Finish: Satin Brushed Liquid Bronze 

Lip Finish: High Luster Liquid Bronze 

Diameters/Widths: F20x9” - R21x12.5”

Series: Aero Series®

Construction: 3 Piece Forged - Lightweight 

Weight Reduction: Pocketing