Mclaren MSO Ludus Blue 600LT

Mclaren MSO Ludus Blue 600LT
The 600LT, LT standing for Long Tail, is Mclaren's take on a souped-up version of their 570s. The 600lt shares the same V8 twin turbo heart as the 570s but makes an extra 30 horsepower bringing it to 592 horsepower and making zero to 60 mph possible in just 2.9 seconds. Couple that with a 7 speed dual clutch transmission and some upgraded suspension from Mclaren and you have a car thats ready to take on any track right off the dealership floor. 
This 600lt sports the Mclaren MSO Ludus Blue, incase you don't know what Mclaren MSO is, it's their in house Special Operations team who is responsible for helping Mclaren costumers make their cars more individual and tailored to them. However one thing you can't get from MSO is a custom set of multi-piece wheels, and thats where we step in. The owner decided on the MR-171 Duo Series with hidden hardware for a clean more simplified look, finished in brushed clear and some Rally Yellow caps to compliment the brake calipers. Speaking of brake calipers, those carbon ceramics are in full visibility thanks to the open spoke design of the MR-171 design. I personally believe that these wheels were the right choice, it helps carry over the 600lt's unique but not quite over the top styling.  


Wheel Style: MV Forged MR-171

Face Finish: Brushed Clear 

Lip Finish: Brushed Clear

Diameters/Widths: F20x9” - R21x12”
Series: Duo
Construction: 2 Piece Forged - Lightweight
Weight Reduction: Pocketing / Undercuts

Dealer: SSR Performance | @ssrperformance |