Stealth Black Ferrari 488 Pista Spyder

Stealth Black Ferrari 488 Pista Spyder


The Ferrari Pista is a bold take on the Ferrari 488 platform. With its wide hips, elegant body lines, and that striking front air scoop. However don't let its beauty fool you, not only does it look the part of an Italian supercar but it sure does act like it too. Powered by an intoxicating twin turbo V8 cranking out an impressive 710 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque which launches this Italian Stallion from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds, surely enough to put a smile on your face. Furthermore Ferrari also riddled the Pista with carbon, which not only helps distinguish the it from its 488 brothers, it also helped shed some weight down by over 200 pounds making it the lightest of the family.


Helping keep the carbon and stealth theme alive Lusso Las Vegas decided to run the MR-525 Aero Series using 2x2 gloss carbon lips paired with an aggressive yet sleek satin black finish. The satin black and carbon theme of this Pista creates the perfect balance of class yet maintains a menacing presence, if Batman owned a Pista this would be it. 





Wheel Style: MV Forged MR-525

Finish: Satin Black | 2x2 Gloss Carbon Lips
Diameters/Widths: F21x9.5” - R22x12.5”
Series: Aero
Construction: 3 Piece Forged - Lightweight
Weight Reduction: Pocketing / Undercuts

Dealer: Lusso Auto Spa & Design | @LussoLV |

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