Steve Will Do It Audi R8

Steve Will Do It Audi R8



If you know anything about the Youtuber Steve Will Do It, you would know everything he does in his videos is over the top and so why wouldn't his R8 be? Thanks to Sheepey Race and their Stage 1 Kit, Steve’s R8 Spyder went from a respectable 600hp N/A V10 to a Twin Turbo beast boasting a heart racing 800whp. 


Not only did the R8 undergo a major performance upgrade but as you're able to see it also underwent a handful of cosmetic changes too, a major piece of course being our MV Forged MR-250 AeroThis wheel compliments the design of the R8's aggressive yet sleek body styling with its sharp lines and elegant cuts. Finished in our Gloss Tesora White with High Luster Polished Lips these wheels are hard not to stare at.


Our wheels are engineered to be incredibly light weight whilst maintaining an industry leading strength to weight ratio. This is made possible thanks to the pocketing and undercuts found within the wheels unique design. We opted out of the traditional 20" and 21" set up that most do for R8's, while this is good for stance we wanted to make sure Steve could put the power down, so we decided in favor of a 19x9" and 20x12" set up which allowed us to wrap the wheels in the super sticky Toyo R88r's.

In conclusion, Steve Will Do Its R8 came out immaculate and we're proud to be apart of it. Between the Sheepey Twin Turbo Kit, livery, and especially the MV Forged MR-250 Aero, this R8 Spyder really embodies the over the top and wild nature that is Steve Will Do It. 







Wheel Style: MV Forged MR-250

Finish: Gloss Tesora White | High Luster Polished Lips
Diameters/Widths: F19x9” - R20x12”
Series: Aero
Construction: 3 Piece Forged - Lightweight
Weight Reduction: Pocketing / Undercuts

Dealer: Sheepey Race | @sheepeyrace |


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