The most time-consuming-yet-rewarding part of the finishing process is the finish stage. That is why we confidently hand chose material from Brisbane Australia, Tokyo Japan and Hamburg Germany. MV Forged premium finish line offers a brushed or polished base paired with transparent powder coats to reveal the beauty and details in the design. At MV Forged we are always learning new ways in achieving the utmost beautiful finishes in our industry.


Our premium two-stage transparent finishes are created through the combination of either ceramic high luster polish or a hand brushed aluminum combined by layers of our high quality transparent powder coat colors. This premium stage defines all the intricate details.

(all Premium Transparent Finishes are extra charge per part and are offered in a Satin or Gloss Finish and Brushed or High Luster Polish base.)


Our two-stage solid finishes are standard across all MV Forged wheels.

(Solid colors vary in shade, smoothness, and texture. Including gloss, matte, satin, and textured clear coat options)


The smallest details count the most, when finishing your custom wheels. Here you can color match the outer cap to another accent feature on your wheel set. You can also choose the center logo in our black with silver, brushed silver with black, gold with black or really stand out from the rest with our Carbon Fiber center logos.

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