MV Forged x 7 Design House Collaboration

7 Design House is an innovative design firm leveraging industry-leading technology to fuse art and performance in aftermarket automotive. Their designs are pure in that they create breathtaking visuals without compromising the original essence of the vehicle. Using computational fluid dynamics, ARIA Carbon products are aerodynamically engineered to optimize downforce and minimize drag. Our relentless pursuit of perfection is captured not only in our product’s form and function but passion for the automotive industry and the quality of service we deliver. 7 Design House has the same values and vision for our industry. We combined teams and created this collaboration series.

Light-Weight 1-2-3 Piece - Standard Full Hidden Titanium Hardware & 4pc Caps.
6061 T6 forged Aero Space Aluminum / Titanium
Life-Time Structural - 3 Year Finish Warranty UV Protection Clear Coat.
Available Sizes & Finishes
Diameters: 19"| 20" | 21" | 22" | 23" | 24" - Starting at $2750 ea




Highlight Features:

4-Piece Caps

All MV Forged x 7 Design House wheels come with a standard 4-Piece carbon cap. Our cap options allow you to add accent colors to your wheels with a large variety of colored logos.

Engraving / Text Fill

All MV Wheel designs now feature our proprietary MV Forged x 7 Design House Engraving that can be offered in text fill colors.

Hub Pocketing

Each design has been standardized with Through-Hub Pockets between the lug holes that allow for more efficient heat dissipation and reduce un-sprung mass/weight on the wheel hub. Designs are offered under 5 unique build configurations that share and individualize newly developed details. Each set is engraved with your very own unique serial number, load rating and specs.

Standard Hidden Titanium Hardware

All MV Wheels include Grade 5 Titanium Hidden Bolts, Our titanium hardware are 50% lighter than the standard steel hardware. With a tensile strength of 950 MPa and corrosion resistant, you can reduce over an additional 1.5lbs per wheel.


The most time-consuming-yet-rewarding part of the finishing process is the finish stage. That is why we confidently hand chose material from Brisbane Australia, Tokyo Japan and Hamburg Germany. MV Forged premium finish line offers a brushed or polished base paired with transparent powder coats to reveal the beauty and details in the design. At MV Forged we are always learning new ways in achieving the utmost beautiful finishes in our industry.

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Transparent Finishes

All Premium Transparent Finishes are an extra charge per part. They are offered in a Satin or Gloss Finish with a base in either a Brushed or High Luster Polish.

Solid Finishes

Solid colors vary in shade, smoothness, and texture. Including gloss, satin, and textured clear coat options. All solid finishes are standard across all MV Forged® wheels.

Text Color Fill Options

Add brand logo, text, and groove color fill options to your wheel set.
(Spoke-Lite wheels come with logo color fill as a standard option)
(other colors available upon request)

Cap Options

Our 4 piece caps can be combined with twill or forged carbon fiber logos. You can match the caps to the wheel or expose an accent color through the Spoke-Lite top piece. These caps are paired with grade 5 titanium bolts in either a silver, black, gold or burnt options.

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