MV Forged Aero+® Series: Hybrid Carbon Fiber Light-Weight Aero Disc Wheels. 

Aero+® is a new carbon hybrid performance series that offers a unique twill carbon or forged carbon pre-preg aero disc combined with Grade 5 Titanium hardware that is machined to superlative milling techniques. Using the rotational movement of the wheel, the air is accelerated and exited from the wheel through the external orifices generated between the window channels and the aero+ cover. Improving brake cooling and increasing downforce contributed to reducing pressure under the vehicle.
The Aero+® Series gives an unrivaled blend of luxury, lightweight performance, and market-leading aesthetics. *Patent Pending*

Light-Weight 3 Piece - Standard Full Titanium Hardware & 4pc Caps.
Carbon Fiber Composite / 6061 T6 forged Aero Space Aluminum / Titanium
Life-Time Structural - 3 Year Finish Warranty UV Protection Clear Coat. ISO9001 and TSI16949 Certified.
Available Sizes & Finishes
Twill Carbon Fiber or Forged Carbon Fiber Rings Available - Diameters: 20" | 21" | 22" - Starting at $5000









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Wheels have a significant impact on the aerodynamic performance of any car. It is commonly accepted that 30% of total car drag is caused by the wheels. Air flowing against the wheels faces the air impulse by the wheels during its rotational movement, and the interaction of both, opposite direction flows generates a significant amount of drag.

Our designers and engineers took this into consideration, to minimize its impact when they designed the ultimate Aero+® ring. Each team took different actions, but all with the same purpose: to reduce the turbulence impact of the wheels.

The idea was pretty simple: the channels beneath the outer Aero+® ring would exert a centrifugal force of the hot air that stagnated around the brakes after heavy use, pulling this hot air away from the brakes, keeping them cooler, while generating some down-force. The concept helped achieve a balance of warm, but not too hot brakes for optimum performance.