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Dymag Collection


Wheel Style: MV Forged SL-102
Diameters/Widths: F21x9.5” – R22x12.5”
Series: Dymag
Construction: 2-Piece Forged Carbon Composite Rims
Weight Reduction: Pocketing | Undercuts
Finish: Polished Cognac Copper Satin
Cap/Badge: Polished Cognac Copper Gloss | Gloss Twill Carbon Badges
Hardware Material/Finish: Titanium | Hidden
Dealer: JP Euro | @jpeuro
Photos by: @ras_photographs


Ryft Ferrari SF90 Stradale | There are few things more desirable than the opportunity to own a Ferrari. With the brand’s incredible legacy, iconic style, and incomparable performance, it’s no wonder why Ferrari one of the best manufacturers out there. And unlike other super sports cars, they don’t let you down when it comes to comfort. In fact, both SF90 models come with a remarkable number of standout standard features that make sure you are happy on the road year-round, despite the driving conditions: automatic climate control, luxurious leather, a reconfigurable digital gauge display, among others. The V-8 and three electric motors power this automotive animal. The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 generates a mighty 769 horsepower on its own, and the trio of electric motors provide an additional 217 horsepower. Overall, the gas/electric powertrain generates a net output of 986 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. MSRP starting at about $625,000. This is, indeed, the ultimate Ferrari for the dawning of the new era, an era in which comfort, speed, and consciousness coexist in one beautiful package. However, there’s something better than simply owning a Ferrari, and that’s owning a Ryft Ferrari SF90 Stradale customized top to bottom.

One way to take this Ferrari SF90 Stradale to the next level is with a stunning Ryft aero kit and a set of our SL-102 Dymags in 21×9.5 | 22×12.5. The Dymag Carbon composite rims pair fairly nice alongside the Polished Cognac Copper Satin finish. This Ferrari SF90 Stradale is nothing short of incredible.

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